The writer of this fine article wonders whether any readers recall that rare old song of the piano man. Written and performed so many years now, at the time of writing and publishing this article, the song may be regarded as a classic. Musicians with the talent to write both their own lyrics and music will perhaps appreciate this. Today still, questions and arguments abound as to what really is a classic in the musical sense.

To say nothing about all other artistic genres, including the one performed solely from the nip of the ink pen. Or as would have been said in classical times; from the quill of the feather. In any case, dedicated pianists will appreciate that much needed repair and maintenance work to their ancient keys and strings will be carried out and performed by a piano repairman birmingham company commanded by none other than the piano man himself.

It is said, and experienced and accomplished pianists will surely nod their heads in agreement, that fine repair and maintenance to one of the most complex and multifaceted (or in this case, multi-keyed) instruments is carried out by one who already knows how to play the instrument, just as fine as the accomplished pianists out there. Talk to any musician today and sure as anything, they have yet to meet such a man who could repair worn keys and broken strings without ever having played the instrument with those iconic ebony and ivory materials.

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If Mozart or Beethoven had come across this gentleman in their day, they would surely have been quite pleased. Perhaps one Billy Joel in his time. And one wonders, whatever happened to Mr Joel. Or Stevie Wonder. Or any other of the brilliant musicians familiar with those keys in the modern era.