Whether it is by law or out of a collective desire to be more sustainable as a viable business, many stakeholders across all commercial and industrial sectors are making full use of recommended environmental testing. Added encouragement to benefit from authenticated environmental testing services are that they are fully compliant with internationally recognized environmental testing certifications. Locally, technical competencies related to areas of biodegradability and compostability testing procedures are closely aligned with the industrial standards set by the OECD, ISO and ASTM.

ISO and IEC testing standards entail providing discretion and disclosure in the supply and submission of reliable and accurate documentation and data. These certifications just mentioned are recognized at international levels. The testing practice operates in accordance with both national and international regulatory and certifications organizations. Apart from biodegradability testing and traditional treatment cases, the same environmental testing services are being applied to the study and monitoring of wastewater influent and the (internal) development of microcosm protocols. A technique known as ‘respirometry’ is being used in this instance. 

environmental testing services

Environmental testing work will be conducted from a fully functional and fully equipped laboratory. The laboratory is set up to deliver consistent testing results. Strict procedures continue to inform technicians in their ability to give necessary assurances to all stakeholders associated or concerned.

Future stakeholders, as concerned clients are encouraged to conduct a little of their own testing. When approaching a laboratory or servicing network, do research and development and/or due diligence work to determine whether the testing agency is indeed locally and internationally recognized and certified by authoritative bodies. This work should prove to be an easy to carry out exercise in the sense that technical prowess remains rare in this field of environmental testing. There is no need to go too far to source the appropriate service provider.