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Chiarini photo: Victim pushes for cyber law against revenge porn - Minneapolis Top News |

The so-called Chiarini photo has become a poster child of sorts for new legislation that would limit which sexually explicit images could be posted online without a person's permission, according to a Nov. 15 Associated Press Pornography article.
The now-infamous Chiarini photo is actually a set of explicit photos of Annmarie Chiarini, whose boyfriend talked her into posing nude for what were supposed to be private images that only they shared.
But when the couple broke up, the nude Chiarini photo went public.
The Chiarini photos were sold on eBay, with links to the nude photos sent to Chiarini's family and friends. And it didn't stop there. Copies of the Chiarini photo also were sent to her son's Catholic school kindergarten teacher and to the head of the department at the college where Chiarini taught English. The Chiarini photos also ended up on a porn video-sharing website, where they quickly garnered thousands of views.
The public sharing of private photos like the Chiarini photo, without the person's permission, is called revenge porn. Revenge porn is legal in every state but California and New Jersey.
Now Annmarie Chiarini, 42, of Maryland, wants legislation that would make it illegal to post revenge porn-style photos. Some states, like Maryland, Wisconsin and New York, are considering legislation that would make it illegal to post images like the Chiarini photo.
But some groups are opposed to legislation that would limit posting of such photos, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They claim that limiting photos online could interfere with the First Amendment.
The Chiarini photo underscores what has become a complicated online issue when it comes to revenge porn. There is little, if anything, law enforcement can do unless it involves child porn. Copyright laws don't apply when it wasn't the victim who took the photos.
Meantime, groups for revenge porn victims are cropping up in response to the Chiarini photos and other images posted without consent. Among them is
Read more about Annmarie Chiarini and her efforts for the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative.